(Long!) Mainpage Cascading Protection, Featured Article Auto-Change and More!

(I say a few weeks ago and a month ago or something like that. That time is accurate on 15th Dec 2012)

You might have noticed that around a month ago, I allowed logged in users to edit the mainpage.  People like SpadeThrow37 and others have made a great job, they have the site news to only important blogs, unlike inactive users' blogs like what some are on this wiki (again I try to not mention who they are, I am pretty sure that you know who they are) Thanks to him, it is less messy.

The thing I really want to talk is cascading protection. Of course (though it isn't obvious, so i don't know why I said that) I edit other wikis outside Wikia, like Bulbapedia (on Pokemon) and Nookipedia (Animal Crossing) and Minecraft Wiki, just to name a few. I have learnt Cascading protection then (they use it on the mainpage all the time, it's crazy!) and I will use it now.

All templates and pages linked by the mainpage will be 'locked' like how it is locked on the mainpage. Meaning (not Twitter, duh!) every contents page, every featured article template thing and well, every page that it links.

Cascading Protection is that, lets get more exciting features.

Feature(d) Article Auto-Change Tweaks! -

Yep, if you saw the mainpage long ago, the Featured Article wasn't there... On 5th July 2012, it didn't use level 2 headings, it used Cellpaddings (you know what I mean when yo scroll the the very bottom of the mainpage now). It had nothing. The template couldn't be made. On 31st July 2012, Tiff or Nick and I were on chat and discussed a lot of things. We agreed to make a template 'Featured Article' (now renamed).

First article was, well a user, was Tiff or Nick for making and introducing me to templates. It then continued more and more until today. T.O.N. (Tiff or Nick) was using WSection's from Club Penguin Wiki, I decided to spruce things up. I renamed it MainpageS (Mainpage Section). A few weeks ago I changed the title banner. Now the text section.

Anyways, to the tweaks, the Featured Article is now randomly picking Featured Articles I made. It seems like it mostly shows up as the first one but sometimes the second. The tweak was that I now placed Different ones to go to, like the first one or the second one. I also made them in templates, so the chance are actually equal (50 50). You'll see what I mean when you check the mainpage.

Thought it ended? Quite long for a thread I know. But it is nearly ended! The mainpage's links are now different colors, instead of the old default link color, like used in the Featured Article. Yay! It ended!