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• 5/4/2013

Wiki End - Wiki changes

Ok, from now on, all testing things will stop. We've recently (March 15) tried our new coding, and it crashed our wiki. So, from now and on, our wiki, MyCool64 Testing Wiki, will change the main topic or focus.

Hey! Don't read the title. It is not ending. It's just that our previous focus will now end. Our new focus of the wiki will be.....

that you are able to view the sources of our coding and copy and paste (but change like the border style, color, and at the bottom just say 

With help from MyCool64 Testing Wiki

or have a template at the bottom saying that you used materials from our wiki.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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• 5/4/2013

It's true! But, I will be able the see on which wiki you posted on!

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