MyCool64 Testing Wiki News Issue #13

Since the ending of 2012, this wiki has been gradually getting lesser edits per day, until March -- where it was considered ''inactive''. It is now considered to be actually 'inactive', meaning the wiki will gradually begin to 'end' its fame in 2012. Even though it is to the level of 'shutting down', MyCool64 and Lolcool have passed the huge obstacle overcoming us -- trying to stop our progress on this wiki -- which we all have been dedicated to -- since June 2012. The wiki now undergoes a small spike reaching the top level, or trying to reach it. It is now actually possible to revive the unattended and barren pages during the span of a long half a year. Let's all join hands and fix up the mess. It won't take long! Just click on the Edit This Page! button at the top of the page.

Another big update is that MyCool64 has posted a new template at the very top of the main page. It is called 'WikiInactive'. It says that it will be active until late 2014 -- but look to the bright side. Late 2014 will be active. That said, it means that people will regularly edit. But here -- we're rising from the ruins of this wiki. Time has passed, the soil has rosen -- thats all. This said, all we need to do is dig away the soil. In a wiki definition -- edit the lefted pages and the pages deep in the ground. And make sure they have a clear chamber -- meaning good links to improve navigation. It will start today!

This post was by The News Team on 3:34, October 6, 2013 (UTC)

P.S. This is exactly one year from Issue 6 -- but at that time it doesn't say