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The Painbrush Show Ep.1
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48px-Star.svgThe Paintbrush Show is a comic in this wiki that was first added by MyCool64 on 19th June 2012. It is the 1st comic on this wiki.48px-Star.svg


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November 2nd 2013 (Issue #14)

Thank you to all the people who have recently helped contribute to our wiki, restoring it to its previous condition, but better. A big shoutout to all our admins who have also fixed up the major flaws. I, MyCool64, have been working on Infoboxes, to clear up the little misleading points scattered around this wiki. A majority of them have been removed. Also all our other members have also been pointing them to the right way, as mentioned before. This wiki is clearly brightening up a lot, so the admins here thank the supporters from the bottom of the hearts.

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NewPic BTW (Behind the Wiki)
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RescueReef's Shark (Edited Version)

Judge 1: Great Picture! I give it 10 48px-Star.svg out of 10 48px-Star.svg! It is perfect!

Judge 2: Weird picture by MyCool64, at least that should be the new name for this picture. I give 7 48px-Star.svg out of 10 48px-Star.svg

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Plus User Interview - SpadeThrow37 Vote!
Announcer: Our notable user for this month is..........SpadeThrow37!

SpadeThrow37: Hi!

Announcer: old are you?

SpadeThrow37: I'm 19 years old.

Announcer: Where are you born?

SpadeThrow37: I am born in Iceland, a small country in Earth.

Announcer: So.... How did you get your username?

SpadeThrow37: Well, I really don't know English that time. So I chose a random name then followed by my favorite number. But now now I can, not only a coding, but in English...thanks to MyCool64. He is really trustful, must admit.

Announcer: Your default language is Icelandic, right?

SpadeThrow37: Yep.

Announcer: What made you make an account and contribute to this wiki?

SpadeThrow37: Well, it looked so pro at the mainpage, with 2 ACTIVE people then (Tiff or Nick and MyCool64) it really must be a good and pro wiki. I liked the concept of this wiki. Instead of coding tests, testing as a admin and stuff just is well different to what a testing wiki would generally be.

Announcer: Any more info you want to share with the public? Or your general info?

SpadeThrow37: Yes, well for my general info, I was born on November 19th, I am male and I like digging.... Anymore info to the public..... Hmmm..... Actually yes. I like to play games, but there is a lot of work currently so I can't play as much, and my fav game is Star Wars. Second to Minecraft, then Terraria then CP (Club Penguin. For Minecraft, I am playing the demo and for CP I am not a member...

Announcer: Any more info?

SpadeThrow37: No, I think we'll wrap things up here!

Announcer: That is going to do it for today! See you next month for the next user interview! Bye!

SpadeThrow37: See ya!

*Cameraman turns off the camera*

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What is the thing you really dream of?

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This Wiki is Also A Wiki To Chillax

This place isn't just testing, it is a place to chill out on the web even though you are on the web. Imagine the Testing Waves on the beach... Imagine in a jungle where things devour others... Imagine on a canopy of a tree 3000 miles high into the sky... Or in a 8-Bit Game that brings you nostalgia... Your imagination is in your hands. This wiki is all about.......*Audience goes feral about chillax*



There are popular catchphrases scattered all over this wiki the ones for September are...

schtuffz and NEW emoticons and emotions and emotes and emoti...*explodes*

<name>, your doctor recommends you to take a Chill Pill!! Chill Pill!! Take a Chill Pill!!

If you cannot see the writing, it is

schtuffz and NEW emoticons and emotions and emotes and emoti...*explodes*

<name>, your doctor recommends you to take a Chill Pill!! Chill Pill! Take a Chill Pill!!

You have until 31st of October to find all of these catchphrases

You get a secret Userbox. No one knows the name of one of them, only the person who created it or the person who has it.

These is the Top 10 Catchphrases of 2020. These are always chosen at the end of each year. (December) The Pick Me! Top 10 List will put all catchphrases. You cannot do that, only Top 10 Team people (Part of the team) can add catchphrases.

They are not here yet, it isn't december, and this wiki is made in June 18th, so we can't preview them...

This part and onwards will contain major spoilers!

1. Chillax was in the page MyCool64 Testing Wiki:User Rights Achievements

2. nostalgia and all madness was in the page MyCool64

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