MyCool64 Testing Policies

Do NOT use profanity (or you will be reported)

Make good edits only (or you will be warned)

Do NOT spam or copy other people's comments (or you will be blocked)

Do NOT say or admit your password or identity (or you will be blocked and restricted from editing and commenting)

Do not copy content from other wikis (even if it is on Wikia or not) unless you have copyright permission. Any content with copied information is marked with one of our templates (you will be banned from chat, blocked and cannot edit your userspace or profile along with that you cannot make blogs)

Advertising will make you highly at risk of being 'suspended' from this wiki (you will be banned, blocked, cannot edit your userspace indefinitely)

Do not make a rumor of untrue reasons about someone. Be nice and respect people around you (or you are blocked)

BE EPIC!!!!! Says
RescueReef's Shark (Edited Version)

The shark who said you should be epic (a.k.a Sharkined)