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Catchphrases for 2019

In diamond rank......... We have 'Batteries not included'!!! Big congrats for 1st place!

In platinum rank...... We have '<name>, your doctor recommends you to take a Chill Pill!! Chill Pill!! Take a Chill Pill!!'!!! Wow, huge shoutouts to you catchphrase!

In gold rank we have...'Chillax'! It is happy to see you reach this far!

In silver rank we have 'nostalgia and all madness'! That is a good achievement you have there!

Last but not least we have 'schtuffz and NEW emoticons and emotions and emotes and emoti...*explodes*

Thank you for listening to our last year's winning catchphrases!

Pick Me! Challenge 3 - Halloween

Winners -

  1. 1 Do nothing? at 4 votes! Congrats
  1. 2 Trick or Treat! at 2 votes! Well done!
  1. 9 were the rest! Congrats to Do nothing? and Trick or Treat! Have fun!

Pick Me! Challenge 2

There was no third place, they were all drawed in points!

In second place is K.I.L.O.G.R.A.M at 4 votes!

In first place was T.O.N. at 6 votes! Congrats!

Pick Me! 1 - Winners

MyCool64 and his shenanigans & Tiff or Nick and his craziness

both scored 5 points! Congrats to MyCool64 and his shenanigans and Tiff or Nick and his craziness!

The other were:

  1. 2 The internet at 3 points!
  1. 3 The Voting Winners at 1 ponit!
  1. 3 Lolcool and friends at 1 point!
  1. 4 The rest were 0 points